Checking Tires Can Indicate Wheel Alignments

A wheel alignment can affect the suspension, steering, and tire wear on a vehicle, especially in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is important that the alignment is checked on the vehicle to prolong the tire life and protect the other parts on an automobile. Some vehicles only allow for adjustments to be made to the front tires only. An easy way to check if the automobile needs an alignment is the wear on the tire treads. The tires should be properly inflated. There are three terms used in auto alignments, camber, caster, and toe in or out.

The term camber describes the angle of the wheel and is measured in degrees. Inspect the wheel to see if the top of the tire is leaning out from the center of the vehicle. This would be referred to as positive. A negative camber would be leaning in from the center of the vehicle. Having a positive or negative camber would cause wear on one side of the tread of the tire. When driving the vehicle and it pulls to one side or the other that could indicate that the camber is different on each side of the automobile. In this case, it needs to be taken to a shop for auto repair in Chesapeake Click Here.

Caster is measured in degrees and is the angel of the steering pivot. If the car’s pivot is leaning toward the rear, it is positive. If it is leaning toward the front, it is negative. The caster can cause problems with steering the vehicle and usually does not affect the wear on the tires. If the caster is off, the owner should take it to a shop specializing in car repair in Chesapeake.

A toe in or toe out is referring to the difference between the rear and the front of the tires. It is measured in a fraction of an inch and is normally set to zero. Toe in means the front of the tires are closer to each other than the rear of the tires and toe out would be that the rear of the tires are closer to each other. Toe in or out can cause significant tire wear and should be adjusted to avoid this problem.

Other factors can cause tires to wear unevenly and steering to become difficult. It is important to check the front end and suspension for wear and tear. It is also important to have the tires rotated and balanced for even tire wear. One can visually inspect the tires to see if an auto alignment is necessary, but only a trained professional will have the tools to perform the alignment. This can be done at a shop for auto repair in Chesapeake.

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