EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate – All in One SSL Security

The EV multi domain SSL provides the same level of strict authentication as the standard EV SSL, but by packaging several domains together, it lowers the cost for the purchaser. The cost for an EV multi domain SSL covering five domains is less than the cost for five separate certificates for the same five domains.

Although each domain must go through the domain verification process individually, it is only necessary to authenticate the identity of the owner once. This is where the certification authority can save money and then pass those savings on to the owner of the multiple domains.

Different certification authorities package multiple domains in different ways. Comodo, for example, starts with a package of three domains. The owner can add up to 100 total domains, one at a time. Geotrust, on the other hand, starts with a package of five domains and adds additional domains in increments of five, up to a total of 25. Packaging (as well as price and difficulty of installation) variations can also occur for domains installed on a single server or on multiple servers. Certification authorities typically offer the EV multi-domain SSL certification for periods of one or two years. Whatever the packaging, all the sites covered show the green line and golden padlock on the https line of those browsers (currently about 30 percent of all in use) which contain programming for the Extended Validation SSL certification.

In choosing an EV multi domain SSL certificate (EV MDC), a customer must consider other factors beside price, such as the number of domains needed initially and flexibility in adding new ones during the time period covered by the certificate. For example, if the owners only have three domains now but plan to acquire eight more in the coming year, they must determine the package that is most appropriate for their needs. Fortunately, the most trusted certification how to fix canonical authorities have sales reps available for live chat consultation, and potential buyers can also find reviews of the products online.

Major features and benefits of aspects to consider while purchasing EV Multi Domain SSL certificates from Trusted Certificate Authorities:

Security Level: Complete Business or Organization Validation

Encryption Level: The Toughest 256 Bit SSL Encryption

Serve License: Unlimited Server Licenses (Without Any Extra Charges)

Issuance Speed: Within 1 to 10 working days

Compatibility: 99.99% the latest web browsers and mobile device compatibility

Assortment: SAN / Multi-Domain / UCC option obtainable

Additional Plus: Order www [dot] domain [dot] com & additional plus secure domain.com

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