How to Win Playing Black Jack

Black jack is one of the most adrenalin filled games in the casino. It helps to know the best strategy to use when you are trying to beat the house. Most people do not know how to play black jack and end up losing tons of money for no reason. In order to play black jack properly, you have to know what is going on. You must have a set of rules and follow those rules on a consistent basis. You can’t go into the casino without thinking about your decisions.

The first rule of proper blackjack online strategy is to assume the dealer has a ten in his down card. If he is showing a seven, you must assume he has 17. If he is showing 8, you must assume is has 18. It you assume the dealer has 18 and you hold 14, you have to hit. It would be dumb not to hit when you are most likely beaten by the dealer. The tricky part happens when the dealer shows an ace. Should you take insurance or not? It’s really up to you and how the flow of the table has been going. Has the dealer been getting lucky?

If the dealer is on a winning streak, you should probably buy insurance. If the dealer has been on a hot streak, it’s time to get up and leave the table. Go to a table where you will win, not where the dealer is catching 20 or 21 every second hand. You have to play your rushes and stop when you are being beaten. Have fun gambling! is a world casino directory that provides reviews on hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

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