Prophetic Music & The Arts

I believe that music and art is the language of God’s heart and when we abide in Him, He communicates with our heart through music and song, revealing Himself to us and giving us revelations of His love and identity. In turn, we communicate to His heart our adoration and awe of who He is and all that is in Him. This is my definition of prophetic worship. As words connect with our minds, music connects with our heart. Music is able to convey a message which only our heart can understand. If our heart could speak, it would come out music. You can “feel” music and it provokes an emotional response. Through prophetic music and the arts, we are able to relate to His emotions, His pain and His love.

Prophetic music and art can capture the very heartbeat of God in a song, a tone, or a brush stroke, or even a splash of paint. We can experience prophetic revelations through many different styles of music and art as well. After all, God is the Master Creator. He creates through us and speaks to us through His vast and beautiful creation. God loves to communicate with us through prophetic music and art… Of course there are so many other ways in which the Lord will speak to us, but there is something about prophetic music and art that can communicate His love and carry us into the very heart of God Himself… the Oracle Flame.

The “Oracle” was the innermost sanctuary of the temple in the Old Testament where the glory of God resided. It is the inner nucleus of all that is Him and is now accessible through the conduit of His blood. This is the place in which we encounter the energy of God, which is His love. An “oracle” is also a revelation or a place of revelation. A place in which we experience the immensity and fervor of this love in it’s many facets and expressions. Only here may we know Him. Only here may we be transformed into His likeness and reflect the light of His glory. Only here may we know true love. Only from this place may we truly love. Here we fall in love with Request prophetic word Him again and become His Bride. Here we receive His authority, His power, His energy, the all-encompassing, eternal force of God… love.

In the Oracle there is a Flame. A massive, raging, roaring, violent, searing, all-consuming pillar of fire. This fire is His love. It is the source of all that is good. It is life, it is the very energy that sustains us. It was the creative force that caused the universe to be. It is His life-giving and death-crushing power, which heals and destroys. It is a balm and it is a weapon. It is the nucleus of life itself. The Lord wants to fan these flames of love upon us until we are completely consumed in it. Here we must abide. Here we must remain, never to leave. He is calling us to abide in the Flame, to live in the Flame and to become the Flame. To be flames of love in this dark age.

When we engage the Flame and immerse ourselves in His love, we will take on His nature, we will become like Him. We will become His intermediaries on the earth, just as a bride represents her husband. We will be His emissaries of love, directly channeling this life-giving energy into the hearts of those with whom we connect. This is the power which transforms entire communities, it is the power which heals our land, it is the power which can disarm the greatest of foes. It is not our knowledge or words or actions or faith alone which can do this, but love. Through His love, we receive His vast knowledge. His words will be on our tongue. We will act out of love and have the faith of a child. Our very existence will be love. Everything we do will be motivated by love. Love will be the source and root of all that we are, all that we say and all that we do.

We are called into the heart of God. He is inviting, enticing and drawing us into the realm of His holy presence. He has been softly whispering and gently persuading, and now He is persistently beckoning, adamantly warning, intently shouting and fiercely roaring. He is desperately crying out to us to come away with Him to the intimate love chamber of His heart. Will His Bride respond?

My heart is to see the Church return to the source, return to the Flame of their first love to become once again His true Bride on the earth. My vision is to see His Bride arise to her rightful place of authority beside her Lover in a perfect and death-defying union which will cause even the greatest of Hell’s beasts to tremble in sheer terror. It will cause the entire world to stand in awe. It will cause angels to salute in respect. We have not known this kind of power because we have not known this kind of love. In His love we will have greater vision because we will see through His eyes. In His love we will have the courage to follow our dreams because we will be motivated by love. In His love, we will abandon all fear, we will know His truth, we will feel His emotions, we will speak His words. Our hearts will beat with His love. We will absorb His nature. We will be one with Him. We must abide in His love continually and let His flame consume us. We must get back to the Oracle Flame and here we must remain.

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