Yoga In India – Road to All-Round Health Benefits

Yoga is way of exercising your body and mind. It is now a world famous and extremely popular technique but its origin makes a humble story. It was practiced by Indian sages thousands of years ago. Archaeological evidence suggests that it is at least as old as the Indus valley civilization. It was the ancient Indian sage Patanjali who proposed this method of wholesome exercise. The word “yog” means union; usually, “yoga” means union God or the divine being. The objective of a yogic exercise is to unite the individual with the divine through a series of body postures meant to control the body and the mind. Yoga in India is now a part of the everyday routine of most Indians.

Yoga in India has many benefits. It helps in cleansing the body of numerous toxins, toning the muscles, strengthening the digestive system and improving the circulation of blood. It also helps in correcting body postures. But unlike other forms of exercise like aerobics and workouts yoga from India at the gym, it also promotes mental peace, freeing the practitioner from stress connected with day-to-day life. There are also those who undergo yoga purely to attain moksha or salvation.

There are eight stages that yoga consists of
1) Yamas – where one learns abstinence and restraint
2) Niyamas – where one learns to live in contentment
3) Asanas – where one learns the exercises
4) Pranayama – exercises related to breathing
5) Partyahar – exercise connected with the withdrawing of senses
6) Dhrana – where absolute concentration is achieved
7) Dhyana – the satge of meditation
8) Samadhi – achieving moksha or salvation.

Yoga is not only endorsed by its practitioners; even modern science agrees that it is a form of exercise that can help you attain all-round health benefits. As such, Yoga in India is now a vital theme of her tours and travels. There are various centers in all corners of the country- Chennai, Rishikesh, Hardwar, Shivpuri and Uttarkashi are well-known centers. Apart from these places, there are many professional instructors who have been specially trained in the field and they have their private practices. They can be easily located by searching online.

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